padVital Signs 2001 The Trends That Are  Shaping Our Future

by the Worldwatch Institute and the United Nations Environment Programme

In this 10th-anniversary edition of Vital Signs, the Worldwatch Institute and UNEP highlight trends in the global environment, economy, and public health. One agricultural trend pinpointed is an all-time-high coffee production in 2000. Unfortunately, this development has come at the expense of precious forests, cleared to grow coffee, which has compromised biodiversity. Passenger-car production rose 4 percent last year. While this may be a boon to the economy, according to the authors, these vehicles' carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels may reverse the global drop of emissions witnessed over the past 3 years. A troubling health trend continues to be the lethal spread of malaria in developing countries, especially in Africa. There, health-care services can't afford many modern treatments, while global warming is supporting proliferation of the mosquitoes that spread the disease. Filled with vital statistics, this book reveals how our global past portends our future.

Norton, 2001, 192 p., b&w; photos/illus., paperback

Vital Signs 2001

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