padTopiary and the Art of Training Plants

by David Joyce

Topiary and the Art of Training Plants is essential for anyone who dreams of enlivening the garden with living ornaments. A sculpted bird or a neat box obelisk, a sweet-smelling rambler rose twisting over a pergola, an apple tree elegantly fan-trained against a wall-topiary and the ornamental training of plants are stylish ways of enhancing the character and structure of any garden, large or small. Combining exciting designs with thorough technical instruction, this book is a complete guide to the art and craft of creating these increasingly popular (and surprisingly low-maintenance) decorative garden effects.

With clear advice supported by step-by-step illustrations making it accessible for all gardeners, Topiary and the Art of Training Plants contains a wealth of ideas including how to sculpt topiary shapes for year-round decorative effect; rejuvenate neglected trees, shrubs and hedges; and train climbers and twiners to make fragrant, colorful arches and arbors. Garden plans show how to incorporate the effects into beds, borders, and whole gardens. A directory gives details of the many plants suitable for shaping, training, and topiary. With 120 beautiful photographs, 60 illustrations and plant source listings, the book is as inspiring as it is practical and comprehensive.

--from Firefly

Armed with the techniques detailed in this guide, any gardener can train and trim shrubs and trees into all sorts of shapes, even animals. Joyce explains how to incorporate topiary into beds, borders, and whole gardens. He points gardeners to plants best suited for shaping and relays basic information about maintaining topiary over the seasons and years. He also details how to train fruit trees into fans and cordons and how to guide climbing vines into fragrant arches and arbors. The book also includes short sections on mazes and knot gardens. Tons of color photographs illustrate complete garden designs, individual specimens, and step-by-step directions.

--from Science News

Firefly, 2000, 160 p., color photos/illus., 9 7/8" X 9 13/16" paperback

Topiary and the Art of Training Plants
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