padTime Travel in Einsteins Universe The Physical Possibilities of  Travel through Time

by J. Richard Gott

That ultimate sci-fi fantasy, time travel, is presented here not as a distant possibility but an imminent event. Astrophysicist Gott deftly weaves complex concepts of physics with an engaging literary style to present the past, present, and future of this striking idea. Building upon the time travel theory laid down by Albert Einstein and expanded upon by Stephen Hawking, Kip Thorne, and others, Gott advances his own idea that time-travel could be used to determine whether the universe created itself. He also considers how popular culture, via films like Back to the Future and novels such as The Time Machine, brought time travel to the forefront of scientific consideration. Simultaneously satisfying readers’ curiosity and inciting their imaginations, Gott describes how time machines would work and, while he’s at it, predicts the life expectancy of the human race.

HM, 2001, 291 p., b&w; illus., hardcover

Time Travel in Einstein's Universe
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