padTales from the Underground A Natural History of Subterranean Life

by David W. Wolfe

Take just a pinch of soil and you could be holding a billion individual organisms between your thumb and index finger. Scoop up a whole handful of that dirt and you'll be holding "more creatures than there are humans on the entire planet," according to this book. Yet most of the microbial species in dirt don't have names. Technology, however, is quickly changing this. Scientists in soil labs now use the tools of molecular biology to catalog and understand new organisms. Drilling equipment finds independent ecosystems lurking 10,000 feet below the continental crust. In this introduction to soil ecology, Wolfe guides readers on a tour of the subterranean world and reveals the amazing discoveries that are emerging from underground.

Perseus, 2001, 221 p., b&w; photos/illus., hardcover

Tales from the Underground
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