padThe Story of Architecture

by Jonathan Glancey

How did the pyramid evolve during its journey from Luxor to the Louvre? Why can the Parthenon be compared to a Greek fighting ship? What connects Hadrian's Villa to the Getty Center in Los Angeles? In The Story of Architecture, Johnathan Glancey brings a fresh approach and unique personal insights into the continuing story of 5,000 years of world architecture.

From the ziggurat at Ur to the Buddhist temples of Southeast Asia via Romanesque arcades, Gothic steeples, Baroque palaces, and Modernist apartment buildings, this accessible and lively narrative reveals the geographical, historical, and cultural influences that permeate these structures. Significant stylistic developments in architecture are also highlighted, while the structural and technical innovations that enabled architects to progress are skillfully introduced and clearly explained.

Throughout this richly illustrated history, special features are devoted to the world's most influential and innovative architects, from Palladio to Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. These features showcase the architects' masterpieces and offer absorbing glimpses into their lives.

Lavishly illustrated, stylishly presented, and written with both authority and flair, the exceptional book is guaranteed to appeal to the informed enthusiast and curious newcomer alike.

--from Dorling Kindersley

Each page of this historical treatise features brilliant color photographs and illustrations, along with floor plans of some of the greatest structures built since about 2100 B.C. Having journeyed to almost every site highlighted on these pages, Glancey spotlights the extraordinary architectural elements that reflect the structures’ culture and times. Arranged chronologically and then by region, Glancey’s synopses define the emerging technical prowess of builders. Featured structures include the Ishtar Gate at Babylon, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, the Taj Mahal, and the Bauhaus buildings.

--from Science News

DK, 2000, 240 p., color photos/illus., 8 11/16" X 11 1/8", hardcover

Story of Architecture, The
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