padSkunk Cabbage, Sundew Plants   & Strangler Figs  And 18 More of the Strangest Plants  on Earth

by Sally Kneidel

Did you know that mistletoe is a parasite? Or that a giant Amazon lily pad can hold up to 300 pounds? This book examines these and other weird and wonderful oddities of the plant kingdom. The 21 plants described range from a fern or dandelion you'll probably find in a garden to extremely rare plants that, for instance, smell like dead meat. Each plant's anatomy, range, habits, and reproductive methods are detailed. With educational facts for botany beginners, the book includes a review of plant terminology in general and information on the origin of these plants' peculiar names.

Recommended for age 10 and up.

Wiley, 2001, 124 p., b&w; illus., paperback

Skunk Cabbage, Sundew Plants & Strangler Figs
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