padRevealing the Universe The Making of the Chandra X-ray Observatory

by Wallace Tucker and Karen Tucker

From its conception, the Chandra X-ray Observatory promised to be one of the most ambitious astronomical endeavors ever. The spacecraft's potential for offering insights into neutron stars, supernovas, black holes, and dark matter spurred X-ray astronomers to make it a reality. An observatory using X-ray radiation, as opposed to light, would provide details about the universe's origin, evolution, and density never visualized before. The authors tell the complete story of Chandra, including the maneuvering to fund it, the technical difficulty in building it, and the political hurdles overcome to support it. Since it began orbiting in 1999, Chandra has already revealed important information about the youngest stars in the universe and imaged a new type of black hole. The authors capture the spirit of the determined men and women whose vision successfully launched this multibillion-dollar project.

HUP, 2001, 295 p., color and b&w; photos/illus., hardcover

Revealing the Universe
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