padRedesigning the American Lawn A Search for Environmental Harmony:  Second Edition

by F. Herbert Bormann, Diana Balmori, and Gordon T. Geballe

Every year, 1 million acres of the United States are suburbanized, and much of this land is converted into the quintessential lawn--what the authors call the industrial lawn. However, people's obsession with the perfect lawn often comes at the expense of ecological systems. This completely revised and updated volume documents the progress of an alternative, environmentally friendly landscape design known as the freedom lawn. Profiles of individuals, businesses, and highway departments illustrate the successful implementation of the freedom lawn, which is free of pesticides and fertilizers, seldom mowed, and sustainable. The book also offers a lesson in the history of the industrial lawn and how we came to covet it.

Yale U Pr, 2001, 178 p., color/b&w; photos/illus., paperback

Redesigning the American Lawn
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