padPractical Electronics for Inventors

by Paul Scherz

In a great many introductory electronics books, the emphasis is on technical formulas and theory, while practical applications and advice often get lost in a high-tech haze. Not very inspiring . . . especially if you want to succeed in turning your ideas into workable electrical gadgets.

Practical Electronics for Inventors, on the other hand, gives you information you need, in a format you can work with. Packed with hand-drawn illustrations, this crystal-clear, learn-as-you-go guide shows you what a particular device does, what it looks like, how it compares with similar devices, and how it is used in applications. Written by Paul Scherz, an inventor and electrical hobbyist, this important reference provides beginning hobbyists and inventors with an intuitive grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of electronics-just the kind of insight you need to get your projects up and running.

Starting with a light review of electronics history, physics, and, math, the book provides an easy-to-understand overview of all major electronic elements:

Basic passive components Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers Discrete passive circuits Current limiting networks, voltage dividers, filter circuits, attenuates Discrete active devices Diodes, transistors, thrysistors Microcontrollers Rectifiers, amplifiers, modulators, mixers, voltage regulators

Along with coverage in integrated circuits, digital electronics, and various input/output devices, Practical Electronics for Inventors takes you through reading schematics; building and testing prototypes; purchasing electronic components; and safe work practices. You'll find all this-and more-in the guide that's designed to spur you on to new levels of creativity.

--from McGraw Hill

McGraw Hill, 2000, 604 pages, 8 1/2" x 11 1/2", paperback

Practical Electronics for Inventors
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