Outwitting Critters, Squirrels and Deer Three Book Set

Buy the set of all three Bill Adler Jr. books, Outwitting Critters, Outwitting Squirrels, and Outwitting and Deer and get the discounted price of only $34.95. Along with the reduced price of the books, buyers of the set will also save on postage and handling. The postage and handling cost for all three books is only $7.00. Take this opportunity to outwit all those backyard bandits. Order below.

Outwitting Deer

The author of Outwitting Critters and Outwitting Squirrels sets his sights on diverting Bambi's treacherous kin from our backyards and gardens. In Adler's opinion, deer are "very, very big squirrels." In outlining the "awful truth about deer," Adler ranks them ahead of squirrels for peskiness. After helping verify the animals' presence in their yards, he offers stratagems, based on knowledge of how deer live and think, to ward deer away from homes and cars.

Lyons Pr, 1999, 177 p., b&w; photos/illus., paperback

Outwitting Critters

Outwitting Critters is the definitive book on coping with the nettlesome side of nature. All those who have had deer nibbling their carrots, ants in the kitchen sink, and mice in the sock drawer, or who have battled invasion by bats, snakes, gophers, raccoons, and any number of other pests, will find solace and solutions in this book. Bill Adler, Jr. gives humane and effective advice and provides information on the motivation behind the often incomprehensible actions of our animal friends and foes. Also included are helpful lists of resources and deterrent products. This book is a must for anyone who has ever been outwitted by a critter.

--from Lyons and Burford

Lyons & Burford, 1997, 5 " x 8 ", paperback

Outwitting Squirrels

According to The New York Times, people in the United States spend $17 million on bird books and buy 1.2 million tons of birdseed, only to have feeders raided by marauding rodents with brains no larger than walnuts. Since 1988, Bill Adler, Jr. has helped tens of thousands of bird lovers stop squirrels from pillaging their bird feeders.

Outwitting Squirrels contains advice on how to stop squirrels from digging in flowerbeds, advanced antisquirrel stratagems, and homemade antisquirrel devices. From spooker poles and Perrier bottles to water bombs and cayenne pepper, Adler has tried every conceivable method of ridding his backyard of these fluffy, gluttonous rodents. In Outwitting Squirrels, he shares his top strategies, plus countless stories and anecdotes about his ongoing war with the squirrel.

--from Chicago Review Press

Chicago Review Press, 1996, 188 pages, 5 1/8" x 8 ", paperback


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