padOut of its Mind Psychiatry in Crisis: A Call for Reform

by J. Allan Hobson and Jonathan A. Leonard

Psychiatrist Hobson and freelance medical writer Leonard sound an alarm for psychiatry reform. Starting in the 1950s, they report, the predominant treatment for mental illnesses became psychoactive drugs. This approach replaced the more "humanistic" care of counselors and mental hospitals. In the 1980s and 1990s, mental health care was downsized, and psychiatrists were replaced with lesser-paid therapists unable to prescribe drugs that, ironically, were improving. The authors contend that today psychiatry remains ineffective because it has not assimilated the new insight gained through brain science. Currently, psychiatry is divided among therapy-minded psychoanalysts, pill-pushing psychiatrists, and brain-focused neuroscientists, Hobson and Leonard write. They propose a new psychiatry, called neurodynamics, that combines components from all three areas.

Perseus Pubng, 2001, 292 p., b&w; illus., hardcover

Out of its Mind
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