padThe Mummy Congress Science, Obsession, and the  Everlasting Dead

by Heather Pringle

Attending the exclusive Mummy Congress in Arica, Chile, Pringle encounters an eclectic group of people who share an interest in such creepy topics as the parasites that inhabit thousand-year-old mummies. She discovers that she, too, has a weird fascination for this study of the secrets of immortality. Determined to find out more about mummies, she travels to Egypt, the Netherlands, and South Africa to interview leading researchers in the field. Readers can't help but share Pringle's fascination in witnessing a mummy dissection or gazing upon the well-preserved body of an obviously brutalized girl found in a bog. Pringle's alluring book explores the mystery of mummies and the knowledge scientists gain from them.

Theia (Hyperion), 2001, 368 p., color photos, hardcover

Mummy Congress, The
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