padMovie Science 40 Mind-Expanding, Reality-Bending,  Starstruck Activities for Kids

by Jim Wiese

The magic of movies has kept audiences spellbound for decades. With this book, readers will finally be able to answer the question, "Hey, how did they do that?" Each chapter addresses scientific aspects of moviemaking, from the mechanics of film production and the use of light and color to the props, makeup, and special effects that make movies appear real. The book presents engaging projects for children, explains how the earliest movie-making machines (thaumatropes) worked, and answers the question of whether Jodie Foster's character in Contact could really detect messages from outer space. Children also learn how to make a two-way mirror, create real-looking wounds, and film a tornado inside a plastic bottle.

Recommended for age 8 and up.

Wiley, 2001, 118 p., b&w; illus., paperback

Movie Science

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