padAn Intimate Look at the Night Sky

by Chet Raymo

In this inspiring book, the author invites us to expand our minds and reflect upon the night sky. The link that our ancestors had with the night, says Raymo, has mostly been lost by recent generations. In a world suffused with perpetual artificial light, people tend to neglect the beauty and mystery of the stars. Raymo attempts to rectify this inattention by offering 24 star maps, accompanied by descriptions of both the visible and invisible shapes of the universe. Drawing metaphors from music, literature, religion, and history, the author depicts the cosmos' creation, how stars burn out, and how the universe will end. Divided into four sections representing the seasons and one chapter for each month, the book is interspersed with essays interpreting our infinite, wondrous universe.

Walker & Co, 2001, 242 p., photos/illus., hardcover

Intimate Look at the Night Sky, An

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