padIn Code A Mathematical Journey

by Sarah Flannery and David Flannery

In this innovative text based on personal anecdotes and stimulating math puzzles, the father-daughter team details how Sarah won the Intel Fellows Achievement Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in 1998 and became Ireland's Young Scientist of the Year in 1999. Her winning project was a cryptography system based on an algorithm she designed. Though her system ultimately exhibited security flaws, then-16-year-old Sarah earned instant celebrity status and respect in the mathematics world. She describes the influences in her life-including her mathematician dad-that led to her mathematical successes. The authors also discuss the math concepts, such as the Sieve of Eratosthenes and Fermat's Little Theorem, that inspired Sarah's interest in cryptography. Originally published in the United Kingdom in 2000.

Workman Pub, 2001, 341 p., b&w; photos, hardcover

In Code

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