padThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots

by Geoffrey Budworth

A well-tied knot can mean the difference between success and failure, whether on land or at sea. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots takes you through each stage of tying a wide range of over 80 practical knots, all with clear diagrams and full-color photographs. Three hundred thirty illustrations and 90 full-color photographs guide the reader through the stages of tying each knot correctly and safely.

Learn the proper way to tie overhand knots, figure eight knots, bowlines & sheet bends, crossing knots, and many other useful knots indispensable in outdoor situations, such as sailing, fishing, and climbing.

In addition to knot-tying techniques, this book contains a comprehensive glossary of knot terminology, and advice on knot safety, security, and cordage materials and construction.

--from The Lyons Press

This over-sized guide teaches readers how to tie 80 kinds of knots, from a square knot to a zeppelin bend. Color diagrams and photographs illustrate each step of the tying process, as well as the finished product. Accompanying the illustrations are written instructions for tying each knot, an explanation of the knot's purpose, and sometimes a short account of associated lore. Introductory sections provide an overview of knot history and tips on choosing cordage.

--from Science News

Originally published in hardcover 2000.

Lyons Pr, 2002, 159 p., color photos/illus., paperback

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knots, The

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