padThe Family Butterfly Book Projects, Activities, and a Field Guide to  40 Favorite North American Species

by Rick Mikula

An interactive introduction to butterflies, this book abounds with vibrant pictures of these amazingly hardy creatures that are found "everywhere in the world except for Antarctica." Did you know that the Pilgrims named the monarch butterfly after King James I of England? Or that there are more species of butterflies in Alaska than in Hawaii? Mikula explains the lore of butterflies and how it has inspired people's respect, awe, and even fear. Human activities and pollution are threatening the survival of these long-loved insects. Mikula demonstrates how we can better care for butterflies by providing food, water, and shelter for them in a backyard garden or window box. Other features of the book include ideas for projects such as making a caterpillar incubator, tips on identifying butterflies, and suggestions about how to start your own butterfly farm.

Storey Bks, 2001, 166 p., color photos/illus., paperback

Family Butterfly Book, The

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