padCurve Ball Baseball, Statistics, and the  Role of Chance in the Game

by Jim Albert and Jay Bennett

Two mathematicians with a passion for America's national pastime help their fellow baseball and numbers fans look anew at the statistics that proliferate in the sport. Most sports statistics are nothing more than data, say Albert and Bennett. They go a step further by applying statistical models to the numbers to reveal hidden truths. Readers begin with a primer on data analysis as they consider tabletop baseball games. Then the authors delve into batting statistics, examining the notion of streaks, situational effects, and new measures of performance. Finally, they look at the ways that statistical models--and chance--can predict individuals' performances and teams' wins. All this offers readers an interesting way to learn the basic concepts of the often-daunting field of statistics.

Copernicus, 2001, 350 p., b&w; illus., hardcover

Curve Ball
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