padConquering Your Migraine The Essential Guide to Understanding  and Treating Migraines for All Sufferers  and Their Families

by Seymour Diamond and Mary A. Franklin

Providing a thorough look into a malady endured by more than 28 million Americans, this book encourages migraine sufferers to become proactive against their pain. The authors first educate readers about common migraine triggers, phases, symptoms, connections to other diseases, and danger signs. Characteristics of migraines associated with hormonal changes in women, depression, and tension headaches are also explained. Case studies illustrate how the pain affects individuals. The second part of the book offers suggestions for treatment. Recommendations include a diet with limited vasoactive substances, such as caffeine and nitrates, various relaxation techniques, and drug remedies, such as triptans.

Simon & Schuster, 2001, 223 p., paperback

Conquering Your Migraine
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