Conversations with Mummies  New Light on the Lives on Ancient Egyptians

by Rosalie David and Rick Archbold

Thousands of years ago, their bodies were carefully prepared for the journey to the afterlife. Today, state-of-the-art technology allows researchers to examine more closely than ever before these people who have remained so miraculously preserved through time. In this lavishly illustrated book, internationally acclaimed paleopathologist Rosalie David and writer Rick Archbold guide us through the fascinating world of Egyptian mummies and the international teams who study them. In an absorbing text, we meet ancient people from every walk of life-from pharaohs to peasants-and learn how they lived and why they died. High-tech autopsies uncover the agonizing afflictions that spared no one. And with electron microscopes and DNA testing, scientists can look deeper still, to reveal the secrets hidden inside 3,000-year-old cells-secrets that may one day help provide cures for modern illness.

Conversations with Mummies also conveys a wealth of information about daily life in the time of the pharaohs. Features and sidebars provide new insights into everything from the family trees of the pharaohs to the hypnotic appeal of the blue lotus flower. And amazing images demonstrate how the latest forensic techniques allow artists to reconstruct the faces of mummies, so that these ancient people almost seem able to speak to us from across the centuries.

--from William Morrow

Outside Egypt, one of the finest collections of Egyptian mummies is housed at the Manchester Museum in England. David currently holds the position as Keeper of Egyptology at the museum and has spearheaded the Manchester Mummy Project-a program devoted to understanding disease and the cause of death in mummies and establishing standards for autopsies of mummies. With the aid of writer Archbold, David escorts readers through mummy autopsies showing how she and other paleopathologists glean information from 3,000-year-old corpses and what this information tells us about causes of their deaths, as well as their ways of life. A plethora of color photographs and illustrations bring the authors' words to life.

--from Science News

Morrow, 2000, 192 p., color photos/illus.,9" X 9 3/4", hardcover

Conversations with Mummies
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