padButterflies through Binoculars  The West:   A Field Guide to the Butterflies   of Western North America

by Jeffrey Glassberg

Discovering the majesty of butterflies-from the plains of middle America to the Pacific coast and from southwestern Canada to Hawaii-is made easy in this brilliantly organized guide. In the introduction, Glassberg offers tips for watching butterflies, provides a succinct explanation of their biology, and reveals measures to conserve these delicate creatures. Over 1,000 stunning photographs capture live butterflies in the wild and show their relative size, which aids in identification. Each photo is accompanied by a synopsis including the species' common and scientific names, identification markings, habitat, abundance, and diet. Range maps, color-coded to indicate the number of broods in each region, inform butterfly watchers where they should look for each species.

OUP, 2001, 374 p., color photos, paperback

Butterflies through Binoculars

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