padBack Sense A Revolutionary Approach to  Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain

by Ronald D. Siegel, Michael H. Urdang, and Douglas R. Johnson

These three authors, a clinical psychologist, a market-research consultant, and a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, merge their knowledge and personal experiences with chronic back pain to present this unconventional perspective on a relentless malady. The authors assert that traditional treatments for back pain-such as curtailing physical activity and taking pain-relief medication-may not relieve the problem because an injury often heals long before pain abates. Stress and muscle tension, contend the authors, are the primary causes of chronic back pain, not the often-diagnosed back abnormalities that inspire "bad back" mentalities. Offering a plan of treatment based on integrative medicine, the book describes exercise routines to restore physical functioning and provides guidelines for recognizing how emotional stress affects our backs.

Broadway, 2001, 246 p., b&w; photos/illus., hardcover

Back Sense
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