padAmerican Horticultural Society   Gardening Manual

Gillian Roberts, ed.

Created in close cooperation with one of the premier gardening authorities, the American Horticultural Society Gardening Manual is packed with information on all aspects of planning, making, and maintaining a garden. It presents expert advice in a quick-reference format that meets the requirements of today's busy gardeners.

This all-inclusive guide features a specially devised, highly accessible four-part format. Part 1 helps you choose the style of garden best suited to your lifestyle, site, and budget, bearing in mind the time you are prepared to spend on maintenance. Part 2 provides full coverage of essential gardening skills and is organized according to areas of the garden for easy reference. Part 3 takes every season and showcases a selection of plants the are reliable, easy to grow, and readily available performers. Part 4 sets out key tasks season by season to keep your garden in peak condition throughout the year.

A superb grounding for the beginner and an authoritative companion guide for the enthusiast, this comprehensive reference work also includes garden design and planning, the choice and care of plants, and the construction of hard features.

--from Dorling Kindersley

A plethora of full-color photographs and drawings of plants, landscape designs, and gardening techniques makes this volume a useful reference for planning and maintaining any type of garden. It includes lessons on creating an herb garden, laying concrete for patios and paths, making water features, using ornamental trees, nurturing fruits and vegetables, and planting containers. Opening chapters help gardeners assess the style of garden best suited to their lifestyle, property, and budget. Then, the book details the skills necessary to implement a garden or landscape plan. Seasonal plant guides and a maintenance schedule should help readers keep the landscape around them vibrant all year long.

--from Science News

DK, 2000, 420 p., color photos/illus., 9 1/4" X 11 1/2" hardcover

American Horticultural Society Gardening Manual
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